Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kababayan LA Interview at Gawad Kalinga Hope Ball

On April 30th, Gawad Kalinga hosted their annual Hope Ball in Las Vegas. Jelynn was there and gave an interview to Kababayan LA. You can watch the interview below!

Some information on the Hope Ball from the Gawad Kalinga USA website:
The Philippine GK Hope Ball is the celebration of a campaign where we hope to provide homes to at least 150 families in Bagong Silang, Philippines through Gawad Kalinga in what would be a flagship village for all to honor and admire as one’s own.Between now and April 30, 150 homes will rise. And they will rise because you have chosen to partake of true charity- where giving is not a dole out but as an investment in restoring human dignity. We Filipinos in America will build, and we will build as one.

Also don't forget to check out an interview and performance by Jelynn at the Kababayan LA studio from last October!

Gawad Kalinga Hope Ball Special, Part IV


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