Sunday, April 29, 2007

Behind the Scenes Interviews of Grizzly Park

I just browsed over to Jelynn's Myspace and saw that she has posted up three video-clips from Youtube with interviews from the cast of Grizzly Park. Go to her page and check them out or watch them here. I found a couple more interviews at youtube that are also posted below.

What is Grizzly Park?

The Cast

Glenn Morshower

Filming a real bear

Filming on Location

haha. I like when Jelynn says, "Leaving hollywood, and shooting a movie in the woods, like for real the woods..."
I know what you mean sometimes. There's actually a world besides California out there? Now that is a scary thought.


James Gelet said...

There are going to be more of these to come, so keep checking back. ;)

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