Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bar Starz getting closer to release

The other day I recieved a bulletin from the Bar Starz myspace page that the producers are working on getting this film released. They want people's input in how the film should be advertised and marketed. Send them a message or leave a comment if you have some ideas. I'll include a copy of the bulletin that they sent below:

Date: Nov 27, 2006 7:28 PM
Subject: Bar Starz Question of The Week

Body: Hey Stars & Starlets
We're getting ready to release Bar Starz and we need your input.

What would compel you to see Bar Starz in the theater?

Your answers will help get the film released.

As always, get your friends to add Bar Starz and we will be in touch. Remember, WWPD? (What Would Pintron Do?)


The Bar Starz

C ya at the bar!

Acouple days later, they sent out another bulletin that they want help spreading the word about this movie. It's simple really. Add the Bar Starz page as a friend if you haven't, and ask your other myspace friends to do the same. Here is the message they sent me if you didn't get it through myspace:

Date: Nov 29, 2006 3:07 PM
Subject: Help make Bar Starz the #1 film on MySpace

Body: Get your friends to add BAR STARZ to their friends and that will help us get the movie out sooner . . . help spread the word for these independent producers. We're not a big studio and your simple click-and-send will really help BAR STARZ everywhere.

Our goal is 500,000 friends by the end of December - how many friends can you tell?

The Bar Starz

What would Pintron do?

These bulletins are really good news that the movie is going forward. I can't wait.


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