Friday, September 8, 2006

A round of new Bar Starz trailers for everyone!

I know it's been over four months, but I have some new information to share about Bar Starz. Seven new trailers have been released on the internet at I learned about this in a bulletin put out by Bar Starz Myspace page.

Like the previous trailers, most feature a different character in the movie. There is also a longer "unofficial" trailer which has a few shots of Jelynn in the movie. You can watch the trailer below:

The other trailers also have some scenes with Jelynn, but they are the same shots as in the "unoffical" trailer and the "30 second" trailer. It's also possible I missed her in some scenes. The clips are a little hard to see at times. Anyway, here are links to the seven new trailers:

Unofficial Bar Starz Trailer
Meet Barry from Bar Starz
Meet Douglas of Bar Starz
Run into Ryann from Bar Starz
Meet Donnie Pintron from Bar Starz
Meet Cory Lemuixk
Meet Ussef from Bar Starz

Also, here are the links to the five previously released trailers:
Bar Starz - 30 Second Trailer
Wisdom of Pintron
Ricky Fabulous
Announcing T.J. Fykus
Clay the Doorman of Bar Starz

I still don't know a release date, but hopefully Bar Starz will be out by the end of the year.


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