Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Interesting New Promos for The Drop

Over the last week, I have seen new promos airing on Sitv advertising new episodes of The Drop. They are quick, 15 second clips that air randomly during commercials. I, myself, have only seen them during episodes of The Drop, but I assume they also play during commercial breaks of other Sitv programming.

I know of four different clips, but there could be more. Each begins with a wide-angle shot of the stage where The Drop is recorded and a phrase like "same stage..." or "same set..." and finishes with the a phrase like "...new moves" or "...new props."

One of the clips, the "new props" clip features Jelynn testing out what appears to be a breast implant. You can see the guest holding it in the picture to the right. I'm not really sure what's supposed to be going on in this interview, but they have my attention. I just think it's funny that Eric appears to be clapping.


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