Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Happy Birthday Jelynn!

Well, this is sort of speculation on my part, but based on Jelynn's myspace url,, I'm going to assume August 31st is her birthday. Also, there's already a lot of her family and friends wishing her a happy birthday, so head on over there and say happy birthday to her.

I have a good idea of how young Jelynn is, but I've learned it's best not to speculate about such things with a woman. Regardless, Jelynn gets more beautiful everyday, and I hope she has a lot of fun today. It's nice that she's got all labor day weekend to celebrate!

And here's a very small gift for everyone. I took a photo of Jelynn from and shrunk it to be an AOL Instant Messanger buddy icon. Just save it to your computer and then make it your buddy icon in AIM.


麒麟Kylin said...

Happy Birthday To You,Beauty~!
Happy everyday~!


A big big smile from a Chinese girl

Marcus said...

Just wanted to let people know, I fixed the AIM icon. When I orignally uploaded it, for some reason the file was changed to a .png image. I changed it back to a .gif so AIM should have no problems with it.

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