Sunday, June 4, 2006

Who took Jelynn's bangin' new cd?

Jelynn has new promos airing on Sitv for Target about a new cd being released by Def Jam. There are two segments, about 30 seconds long each, and come on during commercial breaks of Sitv programming. I first saw them watching the Saturday morning (June 3rd) rerun of The Drop, and again on Sunday (June 4th).

The first segment features Jelynn on the set of The Drop, looking for her new cd that has recently gone missing. I think we should all help Jelynn find the guy that took her cd, and teach him a lesson that he shouldn't take other people's things.

The second segment has Jelynn in her car outside Target, talking on her phone to a friend about how great the cd is. At the same time, we watch her struggle to open it (at least she can multi-task).

I don't know how often these two air on Sitv, but based on their track record for this sort of promo, they won't be airing for long. Check it out while you can. You're best bet is probably during The Drop.


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