Saturday, May 13, 2006

Best of The Drop episodes airing on Sitv

On Monday and Tuesday of this week, Sitv will be rerunning the “Best of The Drop” episodes they did to end season 2. There are two episodes that show off some of the best interviews and live performances that have been done on The Drop. From what I remember when I saw these episodes last summer, Jelynn and Kareem hosted one show that was the best of “Seasons 1 and 2” and Jonisha and Jose hosted the other show that was just “Season 2.”

In these episodes, there is also special guest Pepe the King Prawn, who helps the hosts recall their favorite moments while hosting The Drop. I think he was mostly there just to get Kareem out of the way so he'd have a shot at Jelynn. "Hey Kareem, check out those hot chicks." THUD!! Although, I have to say you haven’t seen good television until you’ve seen a 2-foot tall muppet shrimp hit on Jelynn.

These episodes will air during the morning reruns that air everyday on sitv. Check your local cable/satelite listings if you don't know the exact time, but it should start between 7am and 10am depending on where you live.


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any possibility you can get episodes on

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