Friday, April 28, 2006

Three new Bar Starz trailers are out now!

Over at the Bar Starz Myspace page, another video trailer has been added to their page. It is a clip entitled, "Introducing Ricky Fabulous." But that's not the end of it. Over at, where all of the trailers are hosted online, there are two more trailers put up in just the last day or so. You can do a search for "Bar Starz" (or click here), to see all 5 trailers for the movie. I'm sure the other clips will end up on the Myspace page eventually.

Here are links to all five trailers at YouTube. The last 3 have been added most recently:

Bar Starz - 30 Second Trailer
Wisdom of Pintron
Ricky Fabulous
Announcing T.J. Fykus
Clay the Doorman of Bar Starz

I've seen all the trailers, and the first one has Jelynn at the beginning. The rest profile different characters in the movies. Bar Starz still looks like it will be released in summer. Nice to see some new updates.


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