Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Feature in the Online Magazine: L.A. Splash

I came across an article about Jelynn at the website for L.A. Splash magazine. I then found out that the magazine is not published in print, but rather only on the internet. I'm not exactly sure when it was put online, but I think it was during the month of April. I was able to find a date that said May 1st, 2006. That might mean something more will be posted on that date, but I can't be sure until that day comes.

There's a short paragraph mentioning some highlights in her career such as The Drop and Bar Starz. You can read it on the Fresh Faces page. Right now, Jelynn is the 2nd person from the top, but scroll down if you don't see her. Or, you can type "Jelynn" into the search bar to bring up her page all by itself.

L.A. Splash also has some large pictures on the page dedicated to her. I don't know why the paragraph isn't on that page as well. Maybe it will be added later, but for now the photos and paragraph are on separte pages.


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