Friday, February 24, 2006

Suzuki is letting Jelynn design another car

[NOTE 2009: Sitv has shut down the website and the clips have been removed]

This time the car has a suggested theme of the Pop Music Lifestyle, but I don't think she gets to keep it. You can find clips of the design process at and follow along as the Suzuki Grand Vitara is tricked out to have everything a pop music diva would need. If you've been watching the new episodes of The Drop that started to air in February, you may have seen these clips already. In the first installment, Jelynn helps Eric from PCM get ideas while browsing through the Brunette clothing and accessories store. Really, I think they only shot it there so Jelynn could shop and try on clothes while on the job.....but that's just my theory.

To watch the clip online, go to, and make sure to click on number "1" under the video player. This makes sure that the first installment will play. I think the the player is set to automatically play the most recent clip. The clip begins with Jose Antonio giving a recap of the last Suzuki to be tricked out: the Alternative Rock car, and then gets to Jelynn and Eric working on the Pop Music car. Clip 2 also has a short recap of clip 1 before going into the beginning work of customizing the Grand Vitara.

Check out this stuff online while you still can. There's no guarantee how long these videos will stay up.

On the same page, there is a slideshow of images that I have included below. Enjoy.

I like how she cropped Eric out of one of the pictures and put it up on her myspace page. Haha. Why waste a good smile on a picture with Eric?
Poor Eric.


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