Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Jelynn has finished shooting her first movie!

She will play "Melanie," one of the leads in the movie Bar Starz which will be released sometime in 2006. Check out the Bar Starz pages at IMDB and Hollywood.com. Neither page has a lot of information yet, but they should be updated as the movie gets closer to the release date (which is still not yet set). However, there are already a few discussions about the movie at IMDB.

It is a comedy about "the adventures of some seriously odd club denizens." I know Jelynn will be great in her first movie. I hope it's a big success.

Keep checking back as I get more information.


jhoselle said...

I know that Bar Starz is going to be a big success! I have faith in Jelynn and all the other rising stars in the movie. Im going to watch it multiple times!!!

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