Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A clip of Jelynn running a Drop Dance-Battle.

[Note 2009: Sitv has updated their website and removed the clip described]

Over the past month or so, Sitv has been good about updating their site with new information, pictures, and video clips. They just added a clip of Jelynn and Jose Antonio running one of the many Dance-Battles that The Drop prides itself on. Two dancers from the audience battle it out on the dance floor, and the rest of the audience chooses the winner by applauding. Jelynn is even doing a little dance in the background as she watches. I wonder if Jelynn or the other hosts would ever do it? It would be funny to watch Jelynn wipe the floor with Eric or Jose Antonio. Come to think of it, Sitv should put up a clip of Jelynn crumping with Tommy the Hip-Hop Clown.

Here is the link to the clip at It takes a while to start playing (26 mb have to download first), so be patient. It should be the clip: The Drop - Dance Battle: Erica vs. Natalie so click on that link if the wrong video starts playing. There should be a description of the clip that is playing under the player.


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